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The Saturday Night Live (SNL) Standby Line

Apr 28, 2019

So you think you want to do the standby line? In this episode we take you through what it's like to do the line in the rain! Storms, drizzles, and downpours - we've done it all! We have all the tips and tricks you'll need to survive. Gear up for the final shows of the season! PLUS some extra SNL news and a special cut...

Apr 21, 2019

Emma Stone and BTS hosted last weekend and we have the inside scoop for you all! Hear about our opinions on the episode briefly AND get a behind the scenes listen at what went on during Dress Rehearsal for this show! We have all the cut sketches, funny tidbits the cast did behind the scenes, and some NEW standby...

Apr 5, 2019

Welcome to episode 1 of The Standby Line podcast! This is our first full length episode. Get to know us better and who we are as podcasters! Also, enjoy learning a little bit about some basic tips and tricks on how to survive the standby line and get tickets to Saturday Night Live

Apr 2, 2019

Welcome, all! Thank you for choosing to start our SNL Standby Line Podcast journey with us. Let's call this episode 0.5! Just a quick teaser to get to know us, our show, and what it's all about! Check it out and stay tuned for episode 1 coming very soon to earbuds near you!
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